Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

What is the Aussie Cotton Farmers Grow Communities Program?

Aussie Cotton Farmers Grow Communities was initiated by the Monsanto Fund to support farming communities. Farmers have the opportunity to nominate a deserving not-for-profit group to receive a $5,000 grant. Recipients could include organisations like agricultural societies, early childhood centres, playgroups, kindergartens, meals on wheels, neighbourhood houses or other local organisations. See the Program Guidelines for specific eligibility requirements. The program is available in 14 eligible Cotton Grower Association areas across New South Wales and Queensland (Refer to list below) and applications are open from 2 July until 31 August 2018.

Why is the Monsanto Fund supporting this program?

Rural communities lie at the heart of Australia, where people work hard to feed and clothe the country and the world. The Monsanto Fund is committed to supporting local farming communities.

Is this a new program?

2018 is the fifth year of the Aussie Cotton Farmers Grow Communities program.

Eligibility questions

Who can apply?

Farmers aged 18 years or older and actively engaged in farming cotton in one of the 14 eligible Cotton Grower Association areas in New South Wales or Queensland may apply (Refer to list below). They must reside in the state where he or she is actively engaged in farming. A farmer is “actively engaged in farming” if he or she performs the work, or hires and actively manages others who do so. Nominations are limited to one entry per eligible farmer.

Why can only farmers apply?

Monsanto Australia’s only business is agriculture. As its philanthropic arm, the Monsanto Fund is dedicated to strengthening the farm communities where the large majority of Australia’s cotton farmers live and work.

If I am a community member and want to submit an idea, can I qualify for this program?

No. Only eligible farmers are able to submit an application for this program. However, we encourage community members to submit suggestions for ideas or initiatives that farmers in their community may then consider using in their nominations.

Are seed or retail dealers eligible to participate?

No. This program is designed for farmers only. Dealers can still participate in this community program by encouraging farmers in their communities to apply.

What areas will receive grants?

There are the 14 eligible CGA areas: Darling Downs, Lower Namoi, Gwydir Valley, Macintyre Valley, Macquarie, Southern Valleys (Lachlan/Murrumbidgee), Upper Namoi, Central Highlands, St George, Dawson Valley, Mungindi Water Users’, Dirranbandi, Walgett, Darling River Food and Fibre (Bourke).

How did you choose these territories?

These are the 14 Cotton Grower Association areas that produce the majority of cotton in  Australia.

What are the criteria for organisations that can receive the donations?

The recipient organisation must be a not-for profit community based group that is undertaking projects and activities that offer clear public benefit. They must be operating with a charitable purpose (ie not intended to just benefit an individual). The recipient not-for-profit group must operate in one of the 14 eligible Cotton Grower Association areas. Recipients could include organisations like agricultural societies, early childhood centres, playgroups, kindergartens, meals on wheels, neighbourhood houses or other local organisations.

Can an organisation receive a grant in this round if they have already received a grant in previous rounds?

Yes, we encourage previous recipients be put forward in this nomination period.

What are some examples of organisations that could be funded by this program?

Click here for examples of not-for-profit organisations that have benefited from similar grants. To see who has received an Aussie Cotton Farmers grant previously, view the Aussie Cotton Farmers Grow Communities Recipients list.

Can you split the donation between two organisations?

No, we ask that you select one organisation in your community.

Does the grant have to be made in the region in which you live?

We want each cotton region to benefit from the program, so please nominate a project in your home region. If you live and farm in two different areas, please choose one organisation in one area.

Can you nominate a sporting project?

The encouragement of advancement of sport, recreation and social activities is not considered charitable by the Australian Tax Office.  While nominations of sporting organisations are welcome, they need to clearly demonstrate a benefit to the wider community and should clearly indicate which other local organisations are involved.  A project may not be eligible if it will only benefit members of the sporting group.


Process questions

How does a farmer make a nomination?

Eligible farmers may nominate online or download the 2018 Nomination Form which can then be mailed to: FRRR Aussie Cotton Farmers Grow Communities Program PO Box 41 Bendigo VIC 3552

How are the recipients chosen?

We have engaged the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) to assess the grants. FRRR was established in 2000 to channel philanthropic investment to rural, regional and remote communities. The group directs funds toward projects that support and enhance the viability of rural, regional and remote communities. They distribute more than 600 grants each year to not-for-profit organisations, so they know what to look for. They will undertake an independent assessment of the nominations and choose the most deserving groups in each region.

When will the recipients be announced?

The recipients for 2018 will be selected and notified in December 2018.

Who can we speak to if we have questions?

If you wish to discuss whether an organisation would be eligible or about the nomination process in general, you can contact FRRR on 1800 170 020.