Congratulations to Brett Corish winner of the Monsanto Cotton Grower of the Year award for 2018

Wednesday 8th August 2018

Congratulations to Brett Corish from Corish Management Pty Ltd, ‘Mundine’, Goondiwindi, Qld winner of the Monsanto Cotton Grower of the Year award for 2018


Australian Cotton Industry Awards, Gold Coast 8 August 2018

Brett Corish has been awarded the prestigious Monsanto Cotton Grower of the Year award for 2018. Brett Corish from Corish Management Pty Ltd who farms at ‘Mundine’, Goondiwindi, Qld has been awarded the title at the annual Australian Cotton Industry Awards dinner held at the Gold Coast, on Thursday evening.

Monsanto has been the proud sponsor of this award for over a decade and every winner over that period has represented the best of this industry.

Tony May, Monsanto’s Managing Director, congratulated Brett. Tony said that this year each of the finalists have demonstrated a deep commitment to water conservation, environmental responsibility as well as to their industry peers and local communities.

“All of us at Monsanto congratulate Brett Corish as well as the other finalists. The award nominees are a true reflection of the cotton industry and provide inspiration to our next generation of cotton growers. The cotton industry is a lead innovator within the agricultural sector and through honoring best practice standards has established itself as a profitable, sustainable and responsible farming option. This awards program has always been important to us. I am proud that the winners of the award this evening, and all previous winners and finalists, represent the excellence and dedication of Australia’s cotton farmers.”

Brett Corish is an innovative cotton grower who is committed to farming for the future. Located near Goondiwindi, ’Mundine’ is a 10,000 hectare property and since taking charge of the property Brett has implemented new practices that improve water efficiency and yields. He is inventive in his approach to overcoming challenges on farm, and his extensive involvement in research trials and industry bodies, enables him to remain at the forefront of new technologies.

Brett has directed the transition from siphon to bankless irrigation which has, so far, achieved water savings of 5 to 10 percent, while also increasing yields by a similar margin. Brett had designed a pop-up water indicator on newly developed areas of bankless irrigation fields which has s improved time efficiency as there is little need to manually check the position of the water.

His well-developed farm management, with a strong focus on monitoring performance and setting benchmarks, has led to a prolonged period of high yields. Brett also places a strong focus on reducing cost of production. “We try and pay particular attention to detail,” he says. “We look at what we’re trying to achieve right across the business, not just in our irrigated country but also in our drylands farming and our stock.”

From water boards, to coach of the junior rugby team, Brett’s community involvement is extensive. It has also included Cotton Growers Association, field day committees and Border River Food and Fibre. “The greatest challenge in our business is ensuring that we’re sustainable into the future through profitability, through the environment and also management of all the socio-economic values throughout farming,” Brett said.

Accepting the award Brett said “it truly is a great honour to be recognised with the finalists who have been put up for these awards. The farms they run are second to none. I believe the industry as whole is one of the best in Australia right through from the grassroots and research and development to farming itself. Thank you for this award.”

“Over the past 40 years Monsanto has been proud to work with the cotton industry in fields, labs and offices. We are proud to be a part of a community that has helped grow Australia into the best cotton producing nation in the world” Mr. May said.

“Monsanto’s sponsorship of this award is part of our investment in the future of the Australian cotton industry and the individuals that make it so successful. We look forward to continuing to make a strong contribution over the coming years”.

Tony May, Monsanto’s Managing Director with Anna and Brett Corish 2018 Monsanto Cotton Grower of the Year and Mark Dawson, Row Crop Sales Lead for Monsanto

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