Commitment to gender equality

Thursday 31st May 2018

Monsanto Australia, as a foundation partner of the National Farmers Federation's Diversity in Agriculture Leadership Program has joined 10 other leading Government, corporate and farm representative bodies have today each pledged to enact change that will see more women in leadership roles in the sector.

Monsanto in Australia has worked hard to make gender equality just another part of the way we do business.  Our leadership team has a 50/50 gender representation and our workforce has equal representation as well. What this means to us is that our employees and our leadership team proudly reflect the society we live in and demonstrate the value of diverse thinking in how we innovate agriculture solutions.

Monsanto Australia pledges ongoing commitment to gender equality

25 May 2018

At Monsanto, we are proud to have equal representation of men and women within our Australian staff group including within bur senior leadership team. This achievement is the result of Monsanto's dedication to equality amongst our workforce. We have also made an ongoing commitment to ensure pay parity and operate with no gender pay gap.

We are committed to maintaining this gender equality and to continue to build on our inclusive culture for all our employees. We believe a great idea can come from anyone, and everyone is valued.

We pledge to continue to support women to develop their careers, leadership skills and to champ ion their employee experience.

We strive to be an employer of choice. We remain vigilant to ensure fair and gender blind processes; including career advancement opportunities, offering flexible working conditions to all employees, providing paid parental leave. We are committed to ensuring that women on maternity leave continue to feel connected to their workplace and are considered for advancement opportunities whilst at home with their family.

Monsanto is pleased to be a part of the Diversity in Agriculture Leadership Program. We support the Program's vision to achieve transformational change in the representation of women in leadership positions within Australian agriculture.

Tony May

Managing Director

Monsanto Australia




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