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Friday 18th May 2018

Press Release: Monsanto Grant Announcement

In a commitment to working with farmers to continue to reduce agriculture’s impact on the environment, Monsanto today announced the Better Farming grants program, aimed at increasing efficiency and sustainability on cotton farms.

Monsanto will work with Cotton Australia to support farmers with two separate grants under the Better Farming program recognising that Australian cotton growers are continually striving to implement practices that both benefit the environment and produce the world’s highest quality cotton through Australia’s best management practice program, myBMP.

myBMP is a voluntary farm and environmental management system which provides practical tools for producing Australian cotton to the highest standard for areas including energy efficiency, water and pesticide management, biosecurity, soil health and work, health and safety.

The first grant available under the Better Farming program continues the $2000 ex GST grants for those growers who conduct an audit and achieve myBMP certification.

The second grant available under the Better Farming program provides an incentive of $1/bale to cotton growers with myBMP certified farms and who have opted into the Monsanto myBMP Bale Grant.

“We’re pleased to offer the Better Farming program to reward cotton growers for their commitment to environmental sustainability and encourage even more participation in a scheme that holds Aussie cotton growers to the highest environmental standards,” Monsanto Australia Managing Director, Tony May said.

“Australia has become a global leader in sustainable cotton production and we’re proud to be a part of this achievement’ said Mr May. “Since 1996 and the introduction of GM cotton to Australia, the industry has undertaken 31.9 million less insecticide spray runs, saving 26.8 million litres of fuel and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 71.5 million kgs of CO2.”

“This is the fifth consecutive year that Monsanto has supported cotton growers with grants to cover their myBMP certification. We are thrilled to be able to build on that commitment and provide a further incentive for growers to meet the highest standards possible.

“Monsanto is committed to helping farmers continue to produce high quality crops with fewer resources and the myBMP program supports this objective”, he said.

Cotton Australia CEO Adam Kay said the Monsanto grants have made myBMP certification even more attractive to growers. More than 75 per cent of Australian cotton farms are now involved in myBMP, and the number of farms achieving certification has been increasing every year as growers recognise the benefits of both meeting very high environmental standards and sharing the story of sustainable Australian cotton through global environmental and social standards.

“Last year 16 per cent of Australia’s cotton came from myBMP certified farms and the volume is increasing each year” said Mr Kay.

myBMP is an essential tool for Aussie cotton growers, ensuring we are internationally recognised as producing the world’s best cotton using responsible and efficient management practices,” Mr Kay said.

“Growers gain a great deal by using myBMP, which helps improve the efficiency of water use, pesticide management and other important inputs. myBMP also contributes to the overall health of the industry by helping everyone maintain essential standards.”

“The Monsanto grants acknowledge the hard work of farmers that complete myBMP certification, and recognise the contribution certified growers make to the improvement of the industry’s sustainability credentials.”

“We encourage all cotton growers to continue their participation in myBMP and to take up the valuable grants Monsanto has to offer,” Mr Kay said. 

For more information about the Monsanto grants contact the myBMP office on 1800 268 866 or visit






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