Social Media Can Help Producers Tell Their Story

Friday 27th April 2018

Press Release: Social Media Outreach

Social media star Emma Moss will share her story of bridging the divide between city and pastoral life and how a simple social media account is inspiring young Australians to find out more about where their food and fibre comes from.

 The Pastoralists and Graziers Association of Western Australia will partner with Monsanto today to run a workshop with Kimberley growers to empower them to participate in social media to help increase the general public’s understanding and trust in Australian agriculture.

As urban centres grow, Australians are becoming increasingly disconnected to life on farms and stations. In November 2017, a National Farmers Federation (NFF) poll found that 83% of Australians described their connection with agriculture as ‘distant’ or ‘non-existent.’

 The recent NFF and KPMG Talking 2030 Discussion Paper1 (written in collaboration with Telstra)found it vital that food and fibre producers engage with consumers to explain the practicalities of farming and build public trust in modern agriculture.

 Emma, a University of Queensland agricultural student, struck Instagram fame after sharing photos of life as a jillaroo on a Kimberley cattle station in 2016. Since then her Instagram account @life_on_a_station has attracted over 14.5K followers.

 “Before I arrived at Nerrima Station I had no idea how much work went into running a cattle station or that women were so active on the farm,” Emma said.

“I walked away from that experience with a strong respect for the passion and professionalism of Australian farmers and wanted to share that story with whoever would listen. My time on the station opened my eyes to more aspects of rural life. Coming back, I have realised how great the divide is between city and pastoralists lives.”

Emma is now studying a Bachelor of Sustainable Agriculture and plans to return to the Kimberley to make her mark.

Chris Patmore, PGA Livestock Committee Chairman said although social media can be a confronting medium, it provides a great opportunity for pastoralists to tell their genuine story of life on the land to an audience that may never have been to the Kimberley.

“Our members are the best ambassadors for agriculture. We are passionate about growing food for the world and looking after our animals and our land. We want to take every opportunity to show the public exactly what happens on a farm or a station. Social media can put our stories about life on a station directly in front of the general public,” he said.

Carissa Buckland, Director of Corporate Affairs for Monsanto said agriculture as an industry needs to work hard to earn the trust of the public by both doing the right thing and then effectively telling the everyday stories of how our food is produced.

“We, as an industry, have an opportunity to be more proactive in contributing to Australia’s Ag story on social media. The agriculture industry has remarkable and compelling stories to tell. And who better to tell them than growers and graziers themselves, directly from their smartphone,” she said





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